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I specialize in relationship and romance problems.  If you are dealing with a divorce, no matter how nasty the situation has become, email me and I will be able to help you. If you are attracted to someone and they are not attracted to you, send me your story and I will tell you how I can help.  I can help with proposals, commitment, attraction and passion.  If your relationship is simply missing the spark it once had, you are in the right place.  I have a lot of experience in reigniting an old flame, or bringing a new one! I have helped thousands of people throughout my lifetime with their ex and I have extra specialties which can address alcohol or substance abuse as well.  I also have significant experience dealing with love triangle situations.  If someone else is involved, I will be able to take care of it!

My specialties are not limited to the above mentioned scenarios by any means. If you are requiring some help and do not see your problem listed, please email me! I can help you!

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